with the Utility|Pay Cloud Computing System

Solutions for water company.

Public Utility - Measurement


We provide your customers with a complete digital platform that can be used with any device.

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Public Utility - Billing


We process, book and send invoices to your customers. Both of you will find every data, published on the platform.

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Public Utility - Collection


We manage the process of collecting invoices issued to your customers. All you have to do is focus on what matters.

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The advantages for the water company.


Economy of scale and power of the Cloud Computing System.

Analyzing the panorama of water managers, a recurring and important dimensional difference emerges between them. For every big player on the market, there are dozens of micro-sized ones; however, despite their smaller size, none of these are exempt from compliance with regulatory obligations. Those that have a good turnover can afford internal investments, in enabling digital services and technologies, for the management of the final customer, the others cannot. The Utility|Pay Cloud Computing System is the answer: a complete and reliable platform for managing metering, billing and payments, even with small budgets, in full compliance with regulations and care for end customers, whether direct or indirect. Thanks to the Utility|Pay CCS, manager and end customer can easily access their own dedicated area of the platform, both via the web and the App, to manage their position and interact.

An aware and responsible water consumption
it is a small daily gesture that each of us can do
to achieve a great common goal.

Save the Water
Save the Hearth
Save the Life

Utility|Pay annually reinvests 5% of its revenues
to support research projects on the protection of the planet's water resources.

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