How Utility|Pay works for the condominium.

Condominium - Consumption detection

Consumption detection

We register and communicate to
water company the general consumption.
Just use the appropriate function of the App.

Free of charge
Condominium - Consumption accounting

Consumption accounting

We register and verify the invoices of the
water company, ensuring their accounting reconciliation with the debit notes issued.

Free of charge
Condominium - Collection and payment

Collection and payment

We collect the amounts related to the debit notes from the consumers and we provide
to the balance of the condominium water supply.

Free of charge

Condominium benefit.

An aware and responsible water consumption
it is a small daily gesture that each of us can do
to achieve a great common goal.

Save the Water
Save the Hearth
Save the Life

Utility|Pay annually reinvests 5% of its revenues
to support research projects on the protection of the planet's water resources.

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